Our dentist and team proudly utilize iTero® digital scanning technology to enhance your dental experience here at Modern Bite Dentistry. Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions and embrace the convenience and precision of digital scanning. With the iTero, we are able to create highly accurate 3D digital models of your teeth and gums, revolutionizing the way we capture dental impressions.

The Process of iTero Digital Scanning

During your appointment, we will use the iTero scanner to scan your teeth and gums. The scanner captures thousands of images per second, creating a highly accurate 3D digital model in real time. This digital model can be used for treatment planning, communication with dental laboratories and more.

Benefits of iTero Digital Scanning

Using iTero digital scanning has many benefits, including:

  • Comfortable and mess-free: iTero digital scanning eliminates the need for traditional impression materials, providing you with a comfortable and mess-free experience. No more gagging or discomfort associated with traditional impressions.
  • Accurate and precise: This technology captures highly detailed and precise digital impressions of your teeth and gums. This accuracy allows for better treatment planning and more predictable outcomes for procedures.
  • Efficient workflow: Digital scanning with iTero is a fast and efficient process. It eliminates the need for physical impressions, reducing appointment times and allowing us to start your treatment sooner.
  • Enhanced patient communication: With the iTero scanner, we can show you a realistic simulation of how your teeth will look after orthodontic treatment or with specific restorations. This visual representation helps you understand and visualize the potential outcomes of your treatment.

For more information about iTero digital scanning in Frisco, Texas, and to schedule a visit with Dr. Shaggy or Dr. Tania, please call us at 214-214-7790.