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One of the biggest disappointments people have with professional teeth whitening is that the results don’t last forever. While effective at removing stubborn stains and lifting a few shades, your tooth color will revert to its original look if you don’t maintain your results. 

What Can Stain Teeth? 

Your diet and lifestyle habits are usually the main factors that change the color of your teeth. Here are some common reasons why your smile changes color:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking lots of coffee, tea, or beverages with artificial coloring
  • Eating staining foods like blueberries or tomato sauces
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Taking certain medications
  • Some medical conditions, etc.

These are also the things that can stain your smile after getting professional teeth whitening. 

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Usually Last? 

Whitening treatment results can last as little as 3 months or as long as 1-2 years, maybe slightly more. 

While it’s impossible to prevent teeth staining entirely, you can maintain your results for longer with a few crucial steps:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal and floss daily
  • Rinse the mouth with tap water or gentle mouthwash after eating
  • Chew some sugar-free gum
  • Drink coffee, tea, and other staining beverages through a straw
  • Reduce the amounts of highly staining foods you eat regularly
  • Use whitening toothpaste from time to time
  • Stop smoking

Apart from this, you can also get routine dental cleanings every 6 months to keep your smile looking white and reduce the risk of oral health issues like cavities. 

Moreover, you can also get touch-up whitening treatments once a year or once every 2 years. Unlike your initial time around, you’ll only need one or two sessions, and your teeth could look picture-perfect. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

Teeth whitening involves using a special bleaching agent to remove stains and lighten teeth color. Usually, this agent is a form of peroxide. 

Professional teeth whitening is a perfectly safe and effective way to improve your smile. At MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, we offer two types of whitening treatments:

  • In the office: perfect if you want your treatment closely supervised at all times.
  • At-home kits are ideal if you want great results in the comfort of your own home.

Both types can offer great results. Dr. Shahriela Ganjoor can help you figure out which type of whitening treatment may work best for you. 

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Professional teeth whitening can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Shahriela Ganjoor is here to help you get that smile through professional and safe cosmetic services that can address a wide variety of concerns. 

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