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Sports Dentistry

At MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, Dr. Shaggy specializes in sports dentistry in Frisco, Plano, and Dallas. At our office, we can provide you with the dental care you need to stay on the top of your game and avoid dental injuries.

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Understanding the Risk

Sleep Apnea’s Impact on Sports Performance

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common type of sleep apnea among athletes. It occurs when the soft tissues of the airway relax during sleep and interfere with breathing. Your breathing may be interrupted for 1-10 seconds or longer if you have OSA.

Sleep apnea has a significant effect on sports performance. It interferes with restful sleep, prevents proper blood oxygenation, and can make you feel drowsy and fatigued. At MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, we offer oral appliances for sleep apnea that can help you avoid these issues, and improve your athletic performance. We can provide you with a simple take-home test to evaluate your airway, track how many times you stop breathing and for how long. With this information, we will develop your custom treatment plan.

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Expert Jaw Care

TMJ/TMD Treatment for Athletes

TMJ/TMD is common in athletes, particularly those playing contact sports. If you take a hard hit to the side of your face, you could damage your temporomandibular joint, which connects your jaw to your skull. TMJ/TMD can cause significant pain and headaches, and impair the proper function of your jaw. 

At our office, Dr. Shaggy offers TMJ/TMD treatment such as oral appliances to encourage proper healing. We'll be able to provide you with a take-home test to determine if you are clenching or grinding your teeth during your sleep. With this information, Dr. Shaggy will recommend the proper treatments to alleviate your discomfort and protect your smile. If you think that you may have TMJ/TMD, come into our cosmetic dentistry in Frisco for an appointment right away.

Understanding the Signs

Symptoms of TMJ/TMD

The most common symptom of TMJ/TMD is pain and tenderness in your jaw. You may also notice issues like headaches, difficulty chewing, aching, and radiating facial pain, or even locking of the joint, which makes it difficult to open and close your mouth. If you notice one or more of these issues, contact our office.

Protect Your Smile

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Using a custom sports mouthguard instead of a “boil-and-bite” mouthguard has a number of benefits. Your mouthguard will fit better and more comfortably, so you can keep your head in the game. It also won’t impair your airway, allowing for optimal sports performance. Custom mouthguards are more effective at protecting your gums and teeth, and cushioning blows that could otherwise cause oral injuries and damage.

We’re Here for You

Help With Dental Emergencies

Even with a custom mouthguard, you may take a hard hit or have an accident that results in damage to your teeth. If you have an emergency oral injury, don’t wait. You need to get help from Dr. Shaggy as soon as possible. Give us a call at (214) 214-7790 or come to our office at 3800 Gaylord Parkway, Suite 790, Frisco, TX 75034. We offer both same-day and after-hours appointments, so we can provide you with the care you need when you need it.

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