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Protect Your Smile

Preventive Dentistry

The best way to keep your smile healthy and bright is to come to MODERN BITE DENTISTRY for regular oral exams and preventive care. Through periodic consultations at our office, Frisco dentist Dr. Shaggy can recognize potential issues before they become severe, and take steps to prevent further complications from developing. Schedule your appointment today!

preventive dentist in Frisco

Understanding the Value

Regular Preventive Care

Preventive care is the best way to ensure that your smile remains healthy and strong. Regular check-ups help us prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease and catch problems in their early stages when they’re easier to treat. Not only does preventive care keep your teeth healthy, but it also saves you time and money. By avoiding tooth decay, you prevent the need for expensive treatments like fillings, dental crowns, or root canal therapy. So save yourself some money, and come to MODERN BITE DENTISTRY every six months for a teeth cleaning and an oral exam from Dr. Shaggy!

Frisco preventative dentistry

Restore and Strengthen Your Teeth

Fluoride Treatments

If your teeth are suffering from minor decay, fluoride treatments are the best way to restore your smile to its healthiest state. The process is simple: Dr. Shaggy will apply a layer of fluoride-rich gel to your teeth, then rinse it away after a few minutes. The fluoride remineralizes your teeth by attracting and absorbing minerals like phosphate and calcium. These minerals strengthen tooth structure and help reverse minor decay, or soft spots.

Prevent Cavity Formation

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a great way to fight back against the formation of cavities, particularly in the rear teeth. Sealants consist of a clear, liquid resin which is applied directly to your teeth and hardened into a transparent barrier using a UV light. This barrier prevents bacteria, acid, and food particles from making direct contact with your teeth, preventing the formation of cavities.

preventive dentist in Frisco, TX

Fight Back Against Gum Disease

Periodontal Care

If you’re experiencing bleeding, swelling, or discoloration in your gums, you may be in need of gum disease treatment or periodontal care. The first step of periodontal care is a deep cleaning, which includes scaling and root planing. Plus, we take dental cleanings to the next level with a dental laser treatment to kill bacteria found underneath the gum-line for the most effective care. Dr. Shaggy will remove bacteria from between your teeth and gums, and disinfect the roots of your teeth. When supplemented with antibiotics, this treatment can reverse or halt the progression of gum disease.

Get Peace of Mind

Oral Cancer Screenings

As part of every oral exam at our office, Dr. Shaggy will provide you with a comprehensive oral cancer screening using intraoral cameras. We’ll check for any potential signs of cancerous growth, giving you valuable peace of mind. Are you due for a checkup? Schedule an appointment with our team today!

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