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Unlike traditional microneedling, our state of the art system includes two processes. The first noninvasive process is TriPollar RF which uses energy to heat up your mid dermis, stimulating fibroblast activity which allows for skin tightening, helping to remove mild to moderate wrinkles. This is followed by RF assisted microneedling which is when tiny needles are used to create controlled micro-traumas to the mid dermis in order to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. This noninvasive microneedling procedure is unique because each individual needle is equipped with radio frequency which allows for almost no bleeding, a short down time, and easy penetration into the skin. Benefits of RF microneedling include evening pigmentation (age and sun spots), diminishing wrinkles, scarring and aiding in skin tightening and killing bacteria associated with acne.

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Geneo Oxygenation Facial

Our Geneo Oxygenation facial promotes skin renewal through oxygenation. This significantly accelerates and enhances the absorption of nutrients through the skin. There are three essential parts to this process.

The first being Oxygenation; this involves the Geneo OxyPod reacting with the Geneo Primer Gel, creating a gentle, non-invasive exfoliation. This triggers the body’s natural process, sending a surge of oxygen to the skin’s surface, prepping the skin for maximum absorption.

The second step is the Ultrasound, which involves ultrasound waves that stimulate micro-vibrations in the skin and condition the skin for enhanced penetration of active ingredients in the Geneo serum. The facial finishes with the Neo-Massage to lock in the power of the Geneo. This step delivers instant reduction in redness and puffiness while deeply infusing the active ingredients of the Geneo serum. 

We offer two different facial treatments. To decide which treatment is best for you, we will evaluate your ultimate goals together. 

- The Geneo Illuminate Facial is the best for pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This facial unifies skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation and rejuvenates skin. The second treatment is the Geneo Revive Facial, which is best for signs of aging. It increases firmness, reduces fine lines, and diminishes signs of aging. 

– The Geneo Oxygenation facial is best for people who would like to reduce puffiness and pores, improve moisture retention, improve skin tone, skin texture and elasticity, good for oily skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles, and provides extra hydration.

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