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Advanced Technology for Better Dentistry

Laser Therapy

At MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, Dr. Shaggy has invested in the latest dental technology to provide our patients with the best dental care possible. Today, some of the most advanced dental tools are lasers. With laser technology, we can ensure that you remain comfortable during your procedure and that treatment is carried out with enhanced precision and better results than ever before.

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Understanding the Basics

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser dentistry is any procedure that involves specialized, high-powered laser transmitted through a fiber-optic tip. Soft-tissue lasers can clean between your teeth and remove plaque and bacteria for more effective and comfortable cleanings.

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Understanding the Value

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy?

Compared to traditional dental tools, laser therapy has a number of advantages. For example, laser tools make much less noise than traditional dental drills and don’t cause vibrations, both of which are common triggers for dental anxiety.

Laser therapy is also more effective at eliminating oral bacteria. The powerful laser destroys bacteria upon contact, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring your mouth remains clean during any procedure. 

Laser therapy also causes little to no bleeding, or pain of any kind, when used on the gums and other soft tissue. Due to the high heat of the laser, the tissue and nerve endings are cauterized at almost the same moment they are cut, which significantly reduces any sensation of pain or discomfort.

Finally, laser therapy is incredibly precise, which means it provides better overall results whether it’s being used to clean your teeth, prepare a tooth for a filling, or reshape your gums.

Eliminate Plaque & Bacteria

Laser Teeth Cleanings

At MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, we use laser tools as an alternative to traditional scalers when performing teeth cleanings. Laser dentistry enables Dr. Shaggy to more easily and efficiently eliminate plaque and tartar from between your gums and teeth. This ensures that your gums stay healthy longer, and greatly reduces your risk of periodontal disease.

Correct Gummy Smiles

Laser Gum Lifts

If you have a gummy smile and would like your gum line higher, laser dentistry has the answer. Dr. Shaggy can use laser tools to gently sculpt and reshape your gum tissue, exposing more of your natural tooth structure and giving you a smile you can feel confident in. The process is fast, minimally invasive, and can provide you with a beautiful, even, attractive smile.

Heal Cold Sores

Ulcer & Herpetic Lesion Removal

Do you feel that tingling cold sore coming back? Our diode laser can reduce the length of the presence of the cold sore and reduce your recovery time! Additionally, our laser therapy will relieve the discomfort you are feeling when the sore is present. This means you can get back to smiling carefree and with confidence. Give us a call for more information on how we can help you.

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