What to Do If Your Veneers Falls Off

While veneers have a long lifespan, they're not infallible. Trauma, biting too hard on hard food, or simple wear and tear can cause your veneers to fall off sooner than expected. It can be quite alarming when that happens, especially since veneers look a lot like your natural teeth. 

Firstly, you should try to calm down. A fallen veneer is not a dental emergency and you won't have to rush to the dentist. That said, you probably don't have to sit with a broken smile for too long. 

So, here's what to do if your veneer falls off. 

1. Store the Veneer in a Container 

Locate your veneer and store it in a hard and clean container until you can see your dentist. If the entire veneer fell off, there's a high chance that your dentist will be able to put it back. 

2. Call Your Dentist 

Although a fallen veneer is not an emergency, you should still get in touch with your Frisco dentist and tell them about the incident. They can tell you how to keep the veneer safe, how to protect your exposed tooth, and schedule an appointment for you. 

3. Mind Your Diet 

The dentist had to shave some enamel off your natural tooth to place the veneer. Because your natural tooth is a bit more exposed now, you can expect some sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. So, try to be more careful with your diet until you can see your dentist. 

4. Use Dental Wax

If your teeth are too sensitive and you are having a difficult time eating, drinking, or even speaking, then you can try covering your natural tooth with dental wax. Don't attempt to push your veneer back into place as this can create a lot of unwanted damage. 

5. Determine The Cause of the Failure 

In addition to repairing or replacing your veneer, your dentist will also try to determine the cause of the failure. If your veneer fell off because of tooth grinding, for example, they will also recommend that you wear a nightguard to prevent future incidents. 

6. Have Your Veneer Fixed

If the issue is minor, then the dentist will probably be able to simply repair and reattach the veneer using composite resin. Keep in mind that this solution is not that durable and you may experience failure again in the future. 

If the damage is too severe and the veneer can't be reattached, then the dentist will replace it with a new one. 

Did Your Veneer Fall Off? Call Us Right Away! 

Veneers are quite sturdy, but accidents can happen. If your veneer fell off, simply get in touch with the team at MODERN BITE DENTISTRY. We will examine the problem, determine the cause of the failure, and give you your beautiful smile back as quickly as possible. 

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