How To Clean Invisalign Trays – Our Recommended Daily Routine

Keeping your Invisalign trays clean is essential for preventing stains, buildup of bacteria, and discoloration. It’s important for your oral health, too. If you don’t clean your trays properly during treatment, you could raise your risk of tooth decay and cavities. 

So in this blog from Modern Bite Dentistry, we’ll discuss the steps you’ll need to take throughout the day to keep your smile healthy and to keep your trays clean. Let’s get started!

1. Brush Your Teeth And Your Trays When You Wake Up

First things first, you should take out your trays when you wake up in the morning. Put them safely in the carrying case and brush your teeth. Then, run your trays under the tap and brush them. 

Our Frisco cosmetic dentists recommend using a separate toothbrush and a fragrance-free, clear soap that washes away cleanly. Do not brush your trays with toothpaste, since many types of toothpaste contain abrasives that can scratch your trays and make them look cloudy. 

Then, you can eat breakfast. After you eat, you should repeat this process. If you’re short on time, though, just eat breakfast first, then brush your teeth and trays afterward. 

2. Take Your Trays Out If You’re Drinking Coffee

You should not drink coffee or anything other than water while wearing Invisalign. So if you like to have a morning cup of coffee, take out your trays before you drink it. Then, when you’re done drinking, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water. You should also rinse your trays before replacing them in your mouth. This helps prevent stains and keeps your teeth healthy. 

3. Remove Your Trays To Eat Lunch And Brush Afterward

Take your trays out and store them in the carrying case during lunch. After your meal, you should brush your teeth with toothpaste and brush your trays with tap water. Doing so will help prevent the buildup of food particles between your teeth and your trays.

We know it may not always be practical to do this, though. For example, if you go out to lunch and don’t bring a toothbrush, you won’t be able to brush afterward. In this case, you should at least rinse your mouth and trays with water, then brush your teeth when you get home. 

3. Brush Your Teeth And Soak Your Trays At Night

Once you’re home for the day and you've eaten your last meal, you should remove your trays and soak them in Invisalign crystals. Invisalign crystals are similar to denture cleaners, but are formulated specifically to clean and sanitize Invisalign trays. They usually need to soak for about 15 minutes.

During this time, you should brush your teeth a final time. Then, just remove your trays from the cleaning crystals, rinse them off, and pop them back into your mouth. Enjoy your night’s rest, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow! 

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It takes a little bit of time to get used to caring for your Invisalign trays, but the results are worth it! Invisalign is a great way to restore your smile and improve your oral health without braces. And at MODERN BITE DENTISTRY, Dr. Shaggy can help you explore the potential Invisalign may have for your smile. Don’t wait. Contact us online or call us at (214) 214-7790 to schedule your orthodontic consultation in Frisco today.

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