Do Veneers Damage Your Natural Teeth?

Veneers in Frisco are a common cosmetic dentistry procedure that can help you fix various minor dental issues. Generally, veneers can help you with:

  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Severe staining
  • Minor cracks or chips
  • Uneven teeth 

If you’ve been looking into veneers, then you may have a few concerns about the process, specifically whether getting veneers will cause damage to your natural teeth.

Well, the short answer is that no, veneers will not damage your teeth. Still, the idea of having tooth enamel shaved can be a bit daunting. So keep reading this short answer to understand exactly how veneers work, and how they may affect your natural teeth.

How Do You Get Veneers?

Veneers are made of porcelain. They are like small shells that get "glued" to the front surface of the natural tooth. For the veneers to fully bond with the tooth, the dentist will have to trim your natural enamel.

The amount shaven is very small, however. It will be just enough to make a rougher texture on the surface of your tooth, which will allow the veneers to properly stick to your teeth and remain in place.

Does the Process Damage Your Teeth?

No, getting veneers will not alter the integrity of your natural teeth. You should not experience any unwanted side effects such as increased sensitivity, pain, or weaker teeth.

However, it’s important to understand that veneers are a permanent procedure. Tooth enamel does not regenerate the same way as other tissues in the body does, so after you shave the enamel, that rough texture is there to stay.

What If You Want to Remove Your Veneers?

It’s not advised to remove veneers, specifically because enamel does not regenerate. While the process itself won’t cause damage to your teeth, removing the veneers may lead to damage down the line.

If you want to make changes to your smile, your Frisco dentist will likely recommend getting a new pair of veneers that match your desired color or look.

As a result, getting veneers is a life-long commitment. If you’re not ready to make such a commitment, the good news is that you have plenty of other cosmetic dentistry procedures available.

How Do You Know If Veneers Are Right for You?

If you have generally healthy teeth and want to improve their look, then you’re most likely a great candidate for veneers. However, you will not know for sure until you see Dr. Shahriela Ganjoor for a consultation.

Based on a thorough inspection of your oral health, Dr. Ganjoor can recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your specific case, which may include veneers or other great procedures that can restore the look and function of your smile.

If you want to find out if veneers are right for you, book an appointment at MODERN BITE DENTISTRY online.

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